Special Spaces

Dream Garage

When this homeowner’s passion for fine automobiles outgrew their existing three-car garage, we received a call to come in for a second renovation project. They enjoyed our team so much, they brought us back after renovating their lower level into the staycation of all staycations. And since Gemmi Construction owner John Gemmi shares a love for cars, it was extra thrilling to design and build this dream garage.

To create the finished product, we needed to get creative in more ways than one. The client wanted a four-car garage but the property didn’t allow for it. Our solution? Build a two-car garage and raise the cars up! We extended the building footprint by securing a zoning variance, a process we are experienced in handling and can offer to clients when needed. We removed the existing Bilco doors and put in a finished staircase. This not only satisfied the required second means of egress from the lower level, but also interconnected the two spaces, great for socializing downstairs and seeing the cars upstairs. To incorporate the garage with the existing house, we installed a pent roof, bringing the two elements together. The result is a “car house” – providing a secure showcase space for the autos, an extension of the finished lower level, and a seamless transition on the exterior as if the new addition was there all along.