Special Spaces

A Renovation Homecoming

Sometimes we stay with a home even if it changes hands. The current owners liked the kitchen we had done for the previous owners and we got the call to come back. They wanted to make the most of the first floor, starting with the great room. This presented an opportunity to create several smaller “rooms” within, including a bar/entertainment area, a dining/gaming nook, and the living room area. The den sits between the great room and kitchen, serving as a playroom, library, and lounge. The custom built-in bookcase has enough storage for kids toys as well as books and displays of family heirlooms, creating a whimsical, utilitarian, and practical use of the space. The way a home is set up for one owner doesn’t mean the next owners will use it in same way. We built a home office in a non-traditional location converted from the original living room. Pocket doors offer privacy for work time, or the office can be open and connected to the dining room for extra space at Thanksgiving or even to have a conference area for a home based business.

Recognize the kitchen? We did the renovation for the previous homeowners. The current homeowners didn’t want any changes, which is a testament to a timeless design staying relevant.