Special Spaces

Welcoming Porticos

“What I like most about porticos is the ability to design them so that they speak to historic architectural elements.”~ John Gemmi

Porticos are one of our favorite types of architectural structures to build. Often the first visual element guests see when arriving at your doorstep, a portico can set the tone and mood for the entry to your home. We take great pride in the design, build, and presentation – so much so, porticos have become one of our most requested projects. Much of what dictates a portico design is placement and type of home. Porticos need to fit appropriately in scale, proportion, as well as design. For form and function to be successful, a portico must be aesthetically pleasing while also providing cover while you’re juggling the keys, the kids, and probably the groceries! Each portico is unique. We take inspiration from the architecture of Doylestown’s historic borough and apply it to our designs to stand the test of time both aesthetically and structurally. This is evident in a portico we designed on the outskirts of Doylestown many years ago that still sparks interest to this day. Done right, a well designed and well built portico can create appealing and expressive curb appeal, and in some cases has been known to help sell homes quicker. We can even design and build just a portico for your home if that’s all you want or need at the moment.