Steeped in History

A lot of our passion at Gemmi Construction centers around historic restoration and preservation. This historic home nestled in Newtown borough checked off a lot of those boxes and it was one of our earliest projects so we’re a bit sentimental about it. The house had previously been owned by one of the town doctors and he used it as both his residence and office from 1945 to 1993. As with many homes built in the late 1800’s, kitchen areas were small. With a need for a bigger and more open area, this family with young children decided to expand the kitchen into the existing one-car garage. The garage had been awkwardly added to the back of the home in the early 1900’s, blocking off any views to the backyard. The solution was to build an addition and add the windows on the second floor to see more of the outdoor surroundings. The renovation also included turning the original side porch into a sitting room, with large windows allowing sunlight into the kitchen, and adding a radiant heat system throughout the floor. We incorporated details from the original home into the addition so it helped blend in with the historic borough and create a cohesive appearance overall.