Special Spaces

Staycation Supreme

More and more these days, people want to make their home their family retreat, as was the scenario with this client. They had an existing but small back porch that served two separate functions of cooking and entertaining but the space was tight and confining. Opening everything up not only allowed for more room, but it added a third element, lounging in front of the new outdoor fireplace and TV area. Now there are three specific “rooms” within a covered area, to use throughout multiple seasons and inclement weather. Introducing natural materials such as stone and wood creates a warm welcome in an open-air area.

Part of this project was the addition of a pool and spa. Collaborating with the efforts of three different types of businesses is something we’re very accustomed to at Gemmi Construction. Working cohesively as a team with the pool company, landscaper, and client helped bring vision to reality. Having a pool changes how people go in and out of the home. To help facilitate this traffic flow, we added a more informal access by reconfiguring the existing mud room/laundry room with a bump-out to provide a better access from the pool to inside the house. The finished product of the pool and covered patio blends into natural contour of the property and provides a supreme staycation for family and friends.