Case Studies

Plans and a Dream

Having the opportunity to provide solutions for our clients is a cornerstone of our work and this case study is a great example of why we do what we do. The clients came to us with a set of plans and a dream, but upon examining the existing blueprints, we realized the scope was beyond their budget. Our job was to find compromise without neglecting the overall presentation, aesthetics, and functionality. Revising the scale of the project, we created a “smart layout” on the first floor, preserving at least 75% of the ‘must-haves’ while sacrificing just 25% of the ‘would likes’.

“We came to John Gemmi with existing blueprints that far exceeded our budget. The Gemmi team created new plans that realistically met our expectations and needs. The process of working with them was energizing and pleasant and their crew became part of the family. Any issues along the way were dealt with fairly and professionally with the end result exceeding our expectations. We could not be happier.” ~ Chris & Lynne Mauro