Case Studies

Old World Romance

Sometimes we have the opportunity to work with a client over a number of years, helping them realize their dream home one step at a time, as was the case here. The existing house was a basic two-story colonial in a suburban neighborhood of Bucks County Pennsylvania. In 2009, we began a series of phased projects, starting with a period correct portico and the transformation of the structure into a traditionally inspired home reminiscent of Colonial Williamsburg. The existing layout with its traditional center hall and compartmentalized rooms was no longer desirable for more modern living styles. The solution was to renovate with an open floor plan and we were glad to rejoin our clients in this process. We specialize in upgrading outdated homes and transforming them to a different style or mixing and matching styles that speak to the client’s aesthetic. This project lent itself to expanding the back of the home to accommodate the ‘must-haves’. Turning this traditional and uninteresting colonial into a Williamsburg inspired showpiece is a great example of what we do best for our clients.