Form Follows Function

Designing a new kitchen within the original footprint can bring both challenges and opportunities. Working closely with the client to evaluate their needs and desires based on how they function from day to day helps determine the best solution for their lifestyle. The original kitchen was dark and dreary so our first order of business was to transform the layout and open up the window area as much as possible, providing natural light and a view of the yard. Storage was a big priority so we designed a very usable kitchen with easy access to every nook and cranny, creating a utilitarian solution in an aesthetically appealing space. We left ample room between the oversized island and the cabinets for people to cook or congregate without feeling crowded, while incorporating additional elements such as adjustable roll out shelves and deep drawers for easily accessible storage with no wasted space. Soft and warm lighting enhances the overall atmosphere, completing this welcome addition to a beautiful home.