Special Spaces

Artistic Vision

What do you get when you take an artist, a bunch of property, and a vision to build your dream art studio? You get exactly what you want. In this case, we had a rare treat; the client built a 1/8th scale model of the space orienting it so that the natural sunlight would come into the studio for optimal painting preferences, even putting a camera inside to watch how the light came across. During construction, we used a compass when laying out the space to mimic the exact angle the client wanted.

The minimalist approach to this art studio allowed us to focus on the open and ambient space. Both a studio and gallery, the unique and striking garage door doubles as a place to let air flow through on a nice day all the way to a winter storm when there is an option to drive a car inside this multi-use space. The loft serves as a storage area for supplies with a unique way to access. Without sufficient space for a more traditional staircase, the client opted for a stair ladder system that is highly functional, easy to access, and adds to the overall design aesthetic.