Special Spaces

Are You Ready For Staycation?

Wow! We love our clients as much as they love us! This was our 7th visit for renovations* to this home over 12 years and we couldn’t be happier to show this outdoor covered deck project. We built the original deck, but with a growing family, there was a desire to create a space that would accommodate more people and extend the outdoor season. Building a covered deck with heat provides a desirable way to accomplish this without changing the footprint of the home itself. The results are an outdoor addition, complete with fireplace, two “rooms”, and plenty of space for entertaining and watching the game. (And when the weather outside is frightful, they can watch the Eagles in the lower level!)

The rounded half octagon roof and terra cotta chimney pots provide enhanced design characteristics and a panoramic view to the backyard. We also worked with the landscaper to assure that the new covered porch integrated well with the existing landscaping and pool area. Gates around the deck keep the pets and children safe, while increasing the exterior square footage of living areas adds more value to the home overall.