Lower Levels

An Organized Oasis

This project was a great opportunity to transform an underutilized basement into a lower level oasis. We had a very large footprint to work with, providing plenty of creative freedom to build individualized rooms within the overall space. With the challenge of a low ceiling and obstacles such as columns, beams, and HVAC systems, our solution was to create the rooms in a way that would hide some of the obstructions such as placing soffits around ductwork.

Custom cabinetry and built-ins for storage solutions and display areas were a highlight of this renovation. Creative and stylish, but also functional and utilitarian, the results are a successful balance between organization and display, especially for a crafter in their dream studio space. The completed project contains just about all the elements of a home and then some, including a kitchenette, bathroom, bedroom, living room, gaming area, craft studio, gym, and an egress window which is required by code. With the highest quality materials, this lower level is now reflective of the rest of the home and will stand the test of time serving the family’s needs for years to come.